(Caro)line Macon

I'm a Texas-bred, Chicago-based writer of plays, poems, essays, reviews, sort of amusing emails, and short stories.

I ♡ theatre and new play development. I'm the New Works Associate at Lookingglass Theatre Company and a Tutterow Fellow at Chicago Dramatists. 

Also I ♡ growing plants, making pies, keeping a Border Collie alive, being a wife, and raising a young human son

Caroline Caro Macon


Day Care, a 10 Minute Play at 20% Theatre Company's Variety Fest (2018)

Olive, a play in poems excerpt at The Fly Honey Show (2017)

The Year I Didn't Go to School, a Homemade Circus at Chicago Children's Theatre (2017) 

The Women Eat Chocolate at The Theatre School at DePaul University (2016)


Essay: Pack and Play: Theatre Parents Find Strength in Numbers, American Theatre (2018)

Review of Monster Portraits by Del Samatar and Sofia Samatar, LA Review of Books (2018)

Review of Doing Harm by Maya Dusenbery, The Rumpus (2018)

Review of A Kind of Mirraculas Paradise by Sandra Allen, The Rumpus (2018)

Review of Ars Botanica by Tim Taranto, The Rumpus (2018) 

Dead Mouse, Fiction, PANK Magazine (2015) 

Poems While You Wait Chicago


Adam Symkowicz, I Interview Playwrights